Enjoy All that Summer Has to Offer, Pain-Free!

Summer is officially here! While enjoying your favorite summer activities, whether it’s hitting the Delaware beaches or traveling to visit family, protect your back and neck with these tips:


Long Car Rides
Spending hours in the car can be painful for the back and neck! Positioning the car seat and stretching are two great ways to be comfortable and protect the spine and minimize back pain and neck pain. For more tips, check out our previous blog on Road Trip Tips!


Coolers, Luggage, and Heavy Items
Coolers filled with tasty treats for the beach and luggage packed for a week can be heavy. Use proper lifting techniques by keeping your spine straight, neck forward, and using your legs to lift.


Diving In
It’s estimated that 6,500 youth are injured each year due to diving injuries. Diving in head first to shallow waters at the pool or beach can cause injury to the cervical spine, some so severe that they could lead to paralysis. Protect the neck by going in feet first to determine the depth and check for other possible obstructions.


Sporting Events
Take me out to the ball game… without the back pain! Stadium seats and bleachers can be a pain in the back!  Stretch your back periodically while at these events and opt to bring your own seat or cushion when possible.


Theme Parks
Big thrills and even bigger drops! Roller coasters and other amusement park rides are fun but can be hard on your back and neck. Add that to the hours of standing in lines and miles of walking throughout the park and your entire body will be tired. Stretch and rest throughout the day give your body the break it needs.


Teeing Off
Spending a few hours on the greens is a great way to be physically active in the summer. To protect the back and neck, use proper swinging techniques by keeping your back straight and using your arms. Stretching before and after is also a great habit, just as in any other sport!

We hope you can enjoy the activities you love this summer while protecting your back and neck from injury with the tips above! Already experiencing pain? Come in and see the back-pain experts at First State Spine by scheduling an appointment.