Enjoy all that summer brings with these tips!

Warm weather, evening thunderstorms, and school bells ringing means summer is officially upon us! For many of us, this means a change in our routine: late nights, travel adventures, and an increase in ice cream consumption. While enjoying all the summer has to offer is fun, simple habits in your daily routine can play an essential part in a safe, pain-free summer.

7 Habits for a Spine-Safe Summer

  1. Create a Modified Routine
    Summer is a busy season filled with barbeques and beach trips. It’s easy to push your healthier habits like exercise and sleep to the side to enjoy more summer fun. Exercise helps keep the core strong while sleep helps the spine muscles relax. Don’t skimp on either. Create a realistic daily routine you can stick too – prioritizing both sleep and exercise!
  2. Drink More Water
    H20 is a necessity for your body to function properly. The inner substance to your spine is made up of, you guessed it, WATER! During summer months increase your water intake to make up for the water your body is using and avoid dehydration.
  3. Avoid Flip Flops
    Don’t let a fashion statement be the cause of back pain. Flip flops are easy, affordable, and stylish BUT many of them lack the support your body needs! Especially on long days at amusement parks or beach, wear shoes that are supportive and provide a cushion to avoid back pain at the end of the day.
  4. Ice, Ice, Baby
    We aren’t talking about MC Hammer or ice in your favorite beverage; ice packs can help reduce inflammation and can be beneficial to those suffering from back pain in the summer! Cool down by applying a cold compress to painful areas.
  5. Take a Swim
    Water buoyancy is the perfect opportunity to stretch aches and pains without the pressure or harshness of traditional stretching. If you’re by a pool and can swim, get in and do a few laps to stretch muscles. Better yet, go to an area you can stand and do some stretches in the water.
  6. Don’t Overdo it on the Sugar
    Ice cream and popsicles are a summertime favorite, but only good in moderation. The way our body processes sugar can lead to inflammation, causing aches and pains in our spine and neck.
  7. Travel Safe
    Sitting for long periods of time can increase back and neck pain, among other areas! Regardless of traveling by airplane, boat, or car, make sure to stand up and stretch.

It’s time to get a handle on your spine health and live free of pain! However, always check with your physician to see if these tips are safe to follow based on your health history.

If you have back pain or back problems, make an appointment with one of First State Spine’s specialists.