Spring is finally here! With warmer weather comes more activity, and with more activity comes the potential for aches and pain.

Whether you are planting in your gardens or cleaning out your house, check out these tips to help prevent spring cleaning from giving you back or neck pain:

Make sure to do some light stretching before beginning all of that yard work or tackling your to-do list inside. Stretching before, during and after activities reduces fatigue and discomfort as well as improves circulation and eases compressive forces caused to the spine.

Use Proper Form
Working on your garden this weekend or maybe fixing that old shed? Make sure to use bend from the knees when lifting heavy tools and materials. If you are kneeling, use a pad to cushion your joints and try not to hunch over or twist your spine as you are digging or scrubbing away.

Take a Break
On a beautiful spring day, it could be easy to spend several hours gardening or cleaning in one position without noticing. Make sure to move around every so often and stretch to avoid becoming stiff from sitting or standing in one position for so long. Break up the job to give opportunities for muscles to relax and rest, stretch before and after, and drink plenty of water to keep the bloodstream moving.

Seasonal Allergies
Did you know that all of the coughing and sneezing from seasonal allergies could be affecting your spine? The constant flexing of the neck and back muscles from coughing and sneezing can lead to tension in the spine. Add that to the inflammation present in your body from allergens and pain will increase.

While back and neck pain may be avoided during spring activities with these tips, if any pain or discomfort persists, make an appointment with one of First State Spine’s specialists. However, always check with your physician to see if these tips are safe to follow based on your health history.