Avoid winter back pain with these spine tips!

Winter is here and along with that comes an increase in back and neck injuries! Take measures to avoid the pain with these winter weather tips:

Stiff Joints
Steep drops in barometric pressure can be tough on joints and muscles, causing aches and pain. Dressing warmly and stretching daily are ways to protect joints and muscles from the cold. If aches and pains begin, apply heat to those problem areas.

Snow Shoveling
A wrong move during snow shoveling can cause back sprains, strains or possibly even a herniated disc. When lifting a snow shovel packed full of snow, remember proper lifting techniques which are to bend at the hips and lift with the legs. Whenever possible, always PUSH the snow.

Falls are one of the most traumatic back pain injuries possible and increase in winter months due to icy surfaces. Wear proper footwear with treading, hold onto railings when available, and take it slow to avoid falls. If falling, try landing on your bottom.

Sledding injuries can be avoided by going to an open area where the sled has time to stop slowly, wearing a helmet, facing forward on the sled, and skipping the Olympic-level jumps.

Lack of Exercise
During the winter, exercise typically gets pushed to the side because of busy schedules or lack of motivation. Keep in mind that strengthening the core is a vital part of preventing back and neck injuries.

If you have back pain or back problems, make an appointment with one of First State Spine’s specialists.

It’s time to get a handle on your spine health and live free of pain! However, always check with your physician to see if these tips are safe to follow based on your health history.