Telemedicine uses video cameras and monitors to connect you to First State Spine providers, meaning you can stay at home and get the care you need.

Just like with any face-to-face appointment, you can have a family member, care provider, or friend accompany you if you wish.


A telemedicine appointment is just like a normal appointment. You will sit in front of a camera where you will be able to see yourself and your provider. Our team will ask you questions and work with you to develop a plan of care.

Do not wait to “see” a doctor if you are experiencing significant back or neck discomfort. Check out our blog, Neck Pain: When to See a Doctor? to find out when you should see a doctor to address your neck pain, and how to prevent it.

You can start your Telemedicine visit using:

  • a computer & webcam, or
  • mobile device


Social distancing makes it difficult for patients in need of acute care to have access to the providers or specialists they need to monitor and treat their health. Telemedicine is a valuable and unique service to get you the care you need, straight from your home.

Is Telemedicine Private?

Yes, your telemedicine visit will be private and confidential. What you say during your visit can only be seen and heard by you and your health care team.

Is There a Cost for a Telemedicine Appointment?

You will be billed for your telemedicine appointment the same as if you were seeing your health care provider in the clinic.

Will my Insurance Cover the Cost?

To find out if your insurance company will cover these services, please contact them directly or call the team at First State Spine for prior authorization.

How do I schedule my Telemedicine appointment?

If you have any questions, please speak to your health care team. You can also call us at 302-731-2888.