Calm your nerves about cervical spine surgery with these facts!

There is no need to panic when your spine surgeon suggests cervical spine surgery. These facts can help calm your nerves so you can feel confident in your decision and become pain-free, fast!

Minimally Invasive Procedure
Did you know that most cervical spine surgeries we perform can be done through a tiny section on the front of the neck? Even more involved reconstructions can be done with this minimally invasive approach.

Low Risk of Complications
The complications from cervical spine surgery are minimal. There is a less than half a percent chance of either bleeding and infection or a problem with the incision.

Small Incision Area 
The incision is placed in a crease in the front of your neck and after the healing process is complete, the scar is hard to find.

Minimal Complaints 
The most common complaints include a sore throat, difficulty swallowing heavier foods, and hoarseness in your voice. These can typically last a week or two.

Maintain Range of Motion with Disc Replacement Surgery
Our doctors at First State Spine have pioneered disc replacement surgery. This is their first option for you because it enables you to get back to the activities you like to do as quickly as possible. This surgery allows for patients to maintain all the range of motion and preserve the cervical spine after surgery. By using this technique, we also diminish the need for further procedures later in your life.

Immediate Relief
You should expect to wake and have almost immediate relief of your pre-operative symptoms. Don’t believe us? Check out what patients say here.

Short Hospital Stay
You are typically in the hospital for one night. Most patients do not even need to wear a collar after the surgery.

Return to Normal Function Quickly
You will be encouraged to go home and stay as active as you can, walking as much as possible. Driving a car is typically possible within just 7 days.

You are in good hands with our experienced team of experts

At First State Spine, we minimize the risks by keeping our operating environment consistent. We work with well-trained and highly experienced assistants as well as use consistent and proven equipment. Our staff monitors your nerves to ensure they are not irritated during your procedure.  We eliminate unnecessary variables by avoiding trialing new equipment and teaching residents and other students during your procedure.

Combined, our physicians perform about 400 cervical spine procedures a year. Our experience and our track history are a testament to our safety record. If you have neck pain or pain that shoots into your arm, don’t wait any longer! Come get an evaluation with one of our experienced physicians.