Minimize risks with these tips from Dr. Z

Any surgery comes with risks. The key to minimizing these risks lie in controlling as many variables as possible; this will help you get consistent outcomes on a regular basis. Dr. Zaslavsky explains the ways he reduces risks for his patients undergoing cervical spine surgery.

1. Always consider surgery as your last possible option.
Here at First State Spine, we try conservative therapies first. We counsel our patients about lifestyle changes in order to help them avoid surgery, improve function, and reduce pain.

2. Preoperative lifestyle changes
If cervical spine surgery is necessary to improve your function and reduce your pain, we work with you to help you understand what you can do before surgery to improve your outcome. Lifestyle changes such as discontinuing the use of tobacco products and controlling your blood sugar as well as a preoperative medical workup will ensure an excellent post-surgical outcome.

3. Consistency is key
Doctors operate in the same operating room every time and use consistent staff that are very familiar and comfortable with every procedure. This makes the process very routine and predictable for both the patients and surgical staff involved.

4. Experienced staff
No residents or medical students will be used to assist during any surgery. For example, Dr. Zaslavsky is the only one operating on your cervical spine if you are undergoing cervical spine surgery.  Our physician assistants will be present for your surgical procedure to assist the doctor present. All of our physician assistants are extremely well trained and have a combined 45 years of spinal surgery experience.

By following these guidelines Dr. Z can help minimize the risk factors, eliminate unnecessary variables, and ensure that all patients achieve the most optimal outcome. It is ALWAYS our number one priority to safely return our patients to their pre-surgical function.

If you have neck pain, arm pain, weak grip, numbness or headaches, make an appointment with, Dr. Zaslavsky our cervical spine expert. It’s time to get a handle on your spine health and live free of pain!