Cutting Edge Technology

Treatment plans focus on an accurate diagnosis of the source of the patient’s pain.

We offer a full range of treatments for degenerative and traumatic conditions.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

We are ultra-specialists focusing only on the treatment of the spine.

Working Together for the Best Possible Patient Outcomes

Safe Spine Operating Room

Working in a state of the art operating room, we ensure that every technological advancement is available to protect your spinal cord and nerves. When needed, as a safety precaution, our cases are scheduled with spinal cord monitoring. This monitoring consists of an elector physiologic computer that is operated by a technician who remains present throughout your entire surgery, monitoring the real-time function of your spinal cord and nerves.


What Makes Us Different?

Who performs your spinal surgeries, procedures, or injections, and what procedures and equipment they use is critical to the success of your procedure. The experience and depth of knowledge of the physicians in treating all aspects of spinal pathology set us apart from the rest. From conservative therapy to injections and surgery, the physicians collaborate to determine the cause of your pain and outline a treatment plan that best cares for you.

They will consider all treatment options and assist you in making informed decisions about your health care. Their collective experience in spinal surgery, interventional spine, pain treatment, and regenerative medicine gives them unique perspectives for your treatment plan.

Are you a candidate?

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