An injured back is one of the most common work-related injuries, and potentially one of the most serious.

Managing the treatment of an injured worker requires specialized expertise.

The team at First State Spine uses the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques to reduce pain and return injured workers to the highest levels of safe function as quickly as possible.

“When I came to First State Spine, I was not walking without support (an elbow of someone, sliding along the wall, etc.). The care I’ve received since my first visit has been exceptional. The staff is so caring and supportive. Everyone is so understanding of my needs. I will definitely recommend First State Spine to others.”  – A. Smith

Case Management

We facilitate and expedite the care of injured workers; serving as liaisons with the employer, adjuster, attorney, and others to make the treatment process as smooth as possible.

Case Management services include:

  • Injured workers have expedited appointments

  • Treatment protocols

  • Treatment plan and work status reports within 48 hours

  • Treatment protocols

  • Dictated notes within 1 week

For Questions

We are committed to providing quality care to maximize every individual’s return to work and ultimately case resolution. Any questions regarding the above information, please call 302-894-1900; ext. 1530.