OUCH! All of a sudden you are suffering from throbbing, aching back pain! There are many reasons back pain can come on suddenly such as an accident, sports injury, muscle strains or a more involved issue within your spine. The American Spinal Decompression Association estimates that anywhere between 75% and 85% of Americans will suffer from back pain in their lifetime. Due to the fact that back pain is so common, it’s difficult to decipher when to seek medical treatment for our pain and when to rest.

If are suffering from sudden back pain, seek immediate medical treatment if you are experiencing the following:

Fever and Chills 
If you have a temperature over 101 degrees, in addition to your back pain, this can be a sign of infection within your spine.

Numbness or Weakness 
Losing sensation in your lower extremities, specifically your groin and legs, can be a sign of a deeper problem in your spine.

Uncontrolled Bladder/Bowels 
Having difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels, or experiencing pain while urinating, can be onset by a trauma to the spine.

Sudden back pain, the majority of the time, can be treated at home with rest and an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.  Ice should be applied to the area of concern for the first 48 hours, after which you can apply heat.  If pain doesn’t subside after a few weeks, please contact First State Spine to schedule an appointment with one of our spine experts to find the root of your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan.

First State Spine’s treatment plan focuses on an accurate diagnosis of the source of the patient’s pain. This strategy, combined with many techniques that we have pioneered, enable the majority of our patients to achieve excellent results!

If you’d like to make an appointment with one of our spine surgeons for your pain, please contact us at 302-731-2888.