Many people would like to get in better shape and be more active. Jogging, swimming, lifting weights, or maybe Zumba comes to mind. There is another, lesser-known sport that is fun and beneficial that can be recreated in both gym and outdoor settings, rowing.

Benefits of Rowing

  1. Scalable to any fitness level. The harder you work, the more resistance you experience.
  2. Rowing is a full-body functional movement. Many joints and muscles are worked through a large range of motion.
  3. It builds muscular endurance in the low back. Training muscular endurance in the low back has been shown to improve low back pain.
  4. Rowing requires excellent sitting balance. The rower builds an awareness of the position that the back is in, and the strength and coordination to keep it in a strong position while working hard. This carries over tremendously into everyday life,
  5. Rowing is impact-free. It can be an excellent cross-training activity for runners and those with stiff, sore joints.
  6. You can row at the gym. Use a rowing machine at the gym to diversify your cardio workout and improve upper body endurance.
  7. It’s fun!