As a school bus driver for young children, I need to be pain-free and focused during the day. I recently underwent a major fusion with Dr. Z and have since enjoyed a speedy recovery. On behalf of myself & all of the kids at school I’d like to say Thank You Dr. Z!– - Katheryn H.
I went through a horrible trauma which required several spinal surgeries. I was referred to Dr. Rudin by another doctor. I was petrified to have to go through such an ordeal but he made me feel at ease and took the time to answer all of my questions. When I got nervous days before my surgery and called with more questions, he personally took the time to talk to me. After my surgeries, I’m feeling so much better and could not have asked for a better doctor.– –
Dr. Rudin is very professional and knowledgeable. I had a microdiscectomy for a large lumbar disc herniation. All of my pre operative symptoms resolved and I was able to return to work in 1 week. His office is very clean and his staff is very nice and professional. I would highly recommend him to any patient that has neck or back pain. He’s the best!– –
Dr. Rudin did an excellent job on my back. I went from nearly paralyzed to walking miles in just 2 months after surgery! I am VERY impressed!Thank you Dr. Rudin.– Luther Strickland
In April 2012, my family and I were on vacation in Maryland so that I could drag race my motorcycle in a big weekend race. After making a pass down the quarter mile track, I couldn’t feel my legs and almost dropped my cycle. I made it back to my family in the pits and literally slid off the cycle as friends kept me and the cycle from falling. My fingers would randomly twitch and we had no choice but to pack up and return home. We called our prior doctor who referred me to Dr. James Zaslavsky, who we were able to see the following day. Upon meeting Dr. Zaslavsky, he asked about my symptoms and gave me an exam to see for himself what was going on. Dr. Zaslavsky consulted with my wife and I and we all agreed that a Laminoplasty was my only option to correct my problem. In May 2012, Dr. Zaslavsky performed my Laminoplasty which left me with great range of motion and mobility with less recovery time without the use of a neck brace. If it wasn’t for Dr. Zaslavsky, I wouldn’t have been able to return to work full-time as the driver of an 18-wheeler or return to the race track to drag race my motorcycle. Dr. Zaslavsky gave me back my life.– – J.D.
I was very impressed with Dr. Ginsberg. He spent quite a bit of time explaining everything in detail. He may be young, but he knows medicine like someone twice his age. He is very direct and answered all my questions. He is very personable and asked me a lot of questions. Most doctors don’t do that. He had a plan in place for me very quickly but also gave me other options to consider. I highly recommend him for any orthopaedic needs and look forward to my next visit. You will not be disappointed with this doctor.– – M.H.
I am currently a patient with Dr. James Zaslavsky and a former patient of Dr. James Moran. I would like to state that the care given by both of these great physicians has dramatically improved my life and ability to lead an improved lifestyle. Prior to being treated by these physicians, I was in constant pain with severe debilitating spasms in my lower spine. With their treatment plans and the procedures provided by Dr. James Moran, great relief was given. When we realized further treatment would be helpful in sustained recovery efforts, Dr. Moran referred me to Dr. James Zaslavsky who performed tests and MRIs. He determined that the best thing we could do was to have spinal surgery to improve my overall chances at recovery from this injury. I was a firefighter/NREMT for most of my adult working career. Though this injury means I will never again work in that type of capacity, I will forever be grateful for the care given by these professional doctors and surgeons. Without their generous and compassionate care, I would not have been able to continue with the lifestyle I have worked so hard to have in this world. My family is so thankful and will never be able to express their gratitude for the care and compassion these two physicians have provided to us. Thank you is never going to say it all…may God keep you and shine down his blessings upon you all.– – P.N.
I had back pain for many years due to disc deterioration. I met with Dr. Zaslavsky and he recommended what needed to be done. I recently had surgery to correct the problem and I’m nearly pain free and will probably be totally pain free within about a month or two. The whole staff truly cars about the patient and I was very comfortable in their hands.– – Robert Rosenfeld
I find Dr. James Zaslavsky to be an excellent Physician/Surgeon. His expertise is outstanding. His bedside manner is exceptional. I went from living with severe pain to now being able to enjoy life once again. As much as I enjoy Dr. Zaslavsky and his wonderful staff, I plan to never need them again. I simply can’t thank him enough for giving me my life back!– – Karen McPherson

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