According to American Therapy Association research, about 85% of American Citizens experience back pain and related issues at some point in their lives. Most of us believe that lifting heavy objects or injuries is the direct cause of lower back pain problems, however, we tend to forget that lower back issues can develop over time, and our daily activities have a considerable contribution to lower back pain. Research suggests that nearly 40% of adults in the USA have a decreased capacity to engage in daily activities effectively, sleep, and physical activities all due to low back pain. This article will discuss daily activities that can lead to lower back issues and how our team can assist if you already have problems with chronic lower back pain.

Daily Triggers of Back Pain


Compared to non-smokers, smokers experience a higher intensity of painful symptoms connected with chronic related issues. Smoking limits the adequate oxygen flow to muscles, making them weaker and eventually exerting more chronic lower back pain.


An average person sleeps for 6-8 hours consecutively every day. Proper positioning during sleep is important to try and minimize back pain due to the continuity of the activity. People who tend to sleep on their stomachs are likely to develop lower back pain due to poor positioning. 

Prolonged sitting at your desk

Prolonged sitting at your desk may lead to lower back pain problems if you do not position yourself correctly.  When you sit for long hours at your desk, you can strain your spine significantly if you do not maintain proper posture.  Changing positions frequently or standing intermittently can help alleviate low back pain associated with sitting

Back pocket wallets

Men typically put their wallets in their back pockets which can lead to uneven pressure on the spine when they sit. The posture that develops when you sit on the wallet can twist the hip and eventually compress a portion of your spine, leading to an unbalanced natural posture. The wallet can exert pressure on your lower back and may exacerbate long-term chronic lower back pain problems.

Cleaning and laundry

Cleaning and laundry activities can be associated with low back pain due to the activities involved with the routine. Bending, lifting, and putting clothes in and out of the washer or mopping floors can put stress on your low back and may lead to an increase in lower back pain.  Utilizing proper body mechanics during lifting and bending can protect your back from injury.  

Lack of physical activity

Many people are misinformed that the best remedy to manage your back pain is resting. While resting your body is an essential ingredient to your health, avoiding any activity at all puts your lower back at greater risk. Resting should be limited to when you have severe pain, and you should maintain physical activity to ensure your body remains strong and flexible.

Wrong exercise

Exercise is essential to every part of our body. Still, it can lead to a more severe issue when done inappropriately, especially if you are already experiencing lower back problems. Some exercises such as marathon running or extensive weightlifting every day can worsen your situation. The best strategy is to discuss with your doctor the best way to do your activities.

Light footwear

Our body needs arch support when we walk around. The fact is that light footwear such as sandals and flip-flops do not offer enough support and can lead to instability on your feet and back. Continued use of lightweight footwear may lead to a lower back problem.

Playing non-contact sports

Muscle pains and joint injuries can be caused by non-contact sports such as golf.   During a golf swing, there tension that is generated between the lower body and the upper body. As you play these games, you can twist  your back which may lead to a flare up of flower back pain. 

Using your backpack or a laptop bag

Laptop bags and backpacks are often efficiently made with ergonomic consideration, but this does not mean we are 100% safe. When you carry heavy weights or items on your back, it can increase the pressure on your lumbar discs as well as increase muscle fatigue which can lead to lower back pain.

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